A Bowl of Cherries
a memoir by Lois S. Patton

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Diane Yerkes said: 11/22/2010 6:19:34 PM (GMT) Lois, thank you for your memories and the memories you bring forward in someone like me. I, too, was an Illinois "girl"who spent her early years in the suburb of LaGrange. I tend to think I've forgotten everything, or nearly so, and then your words remind me of my grandparents and their place in Michigan and going to Florida with them, my mom and how much she taught me, my dad (who was like yours in simply having a very serious conversation with me when I had done wrong--painful), and even the shoe store with its x-ray machine. I thank you for your words. Your writing is top notch. And the things you remember!! I imagine you are working on Volume 2 about now. Yes?

Audrey McGarvie said: 10/30/2010 6:24:55 PM (GMT) Lois, "A Bowl of Cherries" really says it all. Your warm and wonderful story was a real delight. The amount of detail and your style of writing kept the story so alive. Did you have a diary as a basis? Your story will serve as an inspiration for me to get back to editing what I wrote in a simple fashion 10 years ago for my family. Thanks!

Annemarie Sprinkle said: 10/18/2010 1:53:25 AM (GMT) Enjoyed meeting you and Ralph! Want to get Lee to play Gin Rummy! Enjoyed preview of your book.

Diane Filippini Haak said: 8/3/2010 12:49:54 AM (GMT) Hi Lois, I found your book when I searched my former address- 4327 N Ridgeway Ave. I lived there from 1962 to 1983, when I married. My mom still owns the house!. Sorry no one was home when you and your dad visited. If you are in town please email and I will let you in. We did not change the place to much. My grandmother lived upstairs for years. Thanks for sharing your memories and pictures.

Cristina Norcross said: 6/24/2010 3:43:35 AM (GMT) Dear Lois, I just ordered a copy of your book, A Bowl of Cherries ..." and I look forward to reading your story in full - that I so enjoyed hearing excerpts from at Chapter One meetings! Best wishes, Cristina M. R. Norcross 

John Cammalleri said: 5/20/2010 5:59:54 PM (GMT) Lois, This is a marvelous memoir! You really bring out what it was like growing up during those times, and the closeness of your family. All the best, John

Gary R. Hoffman said: 5/16/2010 9:06:37 PM (GMT) Lois--Great book. Brought back a lot of memories from my own childhood. Don't know how you managed to remember all of it, but you did a great job. Congrats! Gary

Gwen McLean said: 3/30/2010 12:21:40 PM (GMT) What a warm, wonderful book about your childhood. How many memories brought up recollections of those earlier days? It was such a treat to dwell on B urma Shave signs and Turner Camp. This is definitely a book you sit and read in one day. It just captured my imagination. You really did enjoy a bowl of cherries. Great job!

Marlene Ricco said: 3/6/2010 4:21:42 AM (GMT) Just a quick note, Dorothy Stein lives with me and I am reading her your book. We are enjoying every minute of it. It is wonderful to see her smile. Thank You Marlene

Judy Carlson said: 2/25/2010 5:53:28 PM (GMT) I read your book last weekend, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Your writing is very easy to read. Your style might be called "proudly humble". You took me back to many places and events I had forgotten in my own life; it made me think. Thanks for those memories. And thank you, Daddy, for those wonderful pictures! I am looking forward to the next book. Love, Judy PS: Ralph proposed on the telephone? 

Eileen Mead said: 2/16/2010 5:13:57 PM (GMT) Reading your book, Lois, was totally fascinating, especially from the perspective of one who has three brothers and sisters! To be an only child!

Marilyn Blair said: 2/9/2010 11:00:21 PM (GMT) Lois, this book was a pleasure to read and I am happy to call you my special friend. I loved reading about your childhood with your parents and grandparents and the special bond between you. I am glad for your children and grandchildren. They are blessed.

Nelda Hart said: 2/7/2010 5:15:56 PM (GMT) Lois, how long had it been since I had thought about Burma Shave signs? Jonathan Logan? Those hideous gym suits we had to wear? Stuckey's Pecan Logs? I found delight in reading your book, and I am recommending it with pride to others.

Shirley Pike said: 1/25/2010 2:55:29 PM
(GMT) I loved your book. I was with you on every page and didnâ??t want it to end. Shirley Pike, Ocean Village friend.

Pati Stiles Day said: 1/23/2010 2:58:38 AM (GMT) Lois: Received your book today. Enjoyed it so much! I was just about to eat breakfast, but couldn't put the book down and never did eat breakfast. Jonathan Logan was my favorite, too..do you suppose it was because they made the hips roomy enough, and the clothes long enough for us tall gals?? So many wonderful memories. Thanks so much for the delightful...and spot on...descriptions of our town, and people. Pati (Stiles) Day, Inverness.

Russ Reuter said: 1/23/2010 12:12:38 AM (GMT) Dear Lois, I heard you visited Turner Camp last summer - sorry I missed you. I was your next door neighbor, the grandson of Lydia Miller. She married Albert Schmidt in 1945. I don't think anyone at Camp remembers her as "Miller". The two of them raised the cottage in 1938 and put in the rock garden. My mother was Elenore Reuter. I was hoping you knew some history about your cottage. Congratulations on your publication! Please e-mail. Childhood Memories, Russ Reuter

Richard Schnell said: 1/22/2010 4:38:27 PM (GMT) Hi Lois, my family has been long time Turners and owned a cottage at Turner Camp. I have been writting a "Turner Legacy" newsletter. I've highlighted several Turner Societies and will be doing Lincoln in the near future. Would like to see the info you have on the Lincolns and would be happy to email you the 4 previous "Legacy's" if you are interested. Received info on you from Bill Meyer and Rick Trankle. 

Laurie Patton Lynard said: 1/19/2010 2:06:37 PM (GMT) Every daughter should be as fortunate as I to experience the joys and sorrows of her mother's childhood through such rich and beautiful storytelling. I laughed and cried as I came to better understand my mom and the foundational relationships and experiences that made her the wonderful mother, wife, grandmother and friend that she is today. I love you Mom!

Jean Dickinson Fielden said: 1/18/2010 11:12:26 PM (GMT) Congratulations on your publication. You do write very well and I enjoyed reading it. And I am etremely impressed with your oh so professional web site. My husband has Alzheimer's disease so I don't know when we can meet. I went to Mirror Lake also so we have six years of common memories. 

Pat Wells Strawn said: 1/18/2010 2:29:55 AM (GMT) Lois, Can't wait to recapture those memoirs when I read your book. I am ordering it today. Was good seeing you and Ralph at our November reunion. Pat

Pati Stiles Day said: 1/18/2010 12:26:57 AM (GMT) Lois: Ordered your book today. Can't wait to read it. Perhaps you can autograph it next time we meet? 

Fred Young said: 1/17/2010 6:45:13 PM (GMT) Lois ~ I'm really looking forward to getting your book, old schoolmate from St. Pete High School.

Rich Patton said: 1/16/2010 5:03:41 AM (GMT) As a Baby Boomer, I joined with 76 million others to successfully reject and redefine the traditional values of the Silent Generation before me. We were wrong. The experience of Bowl of Cherries filled me with a profound sense of longing for earlier, more noble, simple and principled times. A great read. Congratulations.

Chris Roerden said: 1/12/2010 12:28:18 AM (GMT) Lois, I'm enchanted. Your eye for detail is delightful, bringing every event into vivid focus. I can relate to the times and the trends you write of because I grew up at the same time, different circumstances. I'd forgotten starching my crinolines, though I'll never forget having been scalp-burned every time I wiggled while hooked up to the old-fashioned perm at age 5. I'd also completely forgotten saving wartime stamps. But aside from being able to relate to your content, I admire something else you do that very few writers in any genre do: you write in the ordinary past tense instead of the heavy-handed past perfect tense that spoils many manuscripts. Believe me when I say that even published authors are unwilling to let go of that kind of heavy-handedness. When I consult with a memoir-writing group next month I plan to point out to them the two very important (and rare) strengths you display in your memoir. A Bowl of Cherries is refreshing to read. Thank you so much for sharing it with me. 

Cristina Norcross said: 1/10/2010 10:56:19 PM (GMT) Congratulations Lois from your fellow Chapter One writer, Cristina! I am so happy for you and look forward to ordering my own copy to enjoy. Blessings to you for much success! Cristina M. R. Norcross 

Ingrid and David said: 1/4/2010 6:01:26 PM (GMT) Congratulations Lois, Following this I will order you book. How exciting, we even know the Author and hope you will sign it for us, when you return to our neighborhood.

Steve Patton said: 1/3/2010 7:27:17 PM (GMT) Proud of you Mom! Looking forward to hearing the "full story" before I was part of the family. A great achievement for you - way to go!
Patti Patton (the second) said: 1/3/2010 12:20:12 AM (GMT)ApproveDeleteWow! You did it Lois! Can't wait to read the heartfelt memories of your childhood! So, so proud of you! 

Nelda Hart said: 12/31/2009 5:56:59 PM (GMT) I just ordered a book written by my wonderful friend, Lois Patton! It will be the first book I read in 2010. Congratulations, Lois.

Julie Jacobs said: 12/31/2009 1:21:11 PM (GMT) Hi Lois, How exciting! I cannot wait to read your book. You and your family will ALWAYS hold a special place in my heart and in my family history as you were part of my very fond childhood memories. Please say hi to Lori and all. ( I will always remember the "Beauty Counselor" and Bynum House days.) Julie

Gwen McLean said: 12/30/2009 8:36:08 PM (GMT) Congratulations! Can't wait to read it. We know it will be enjoyable and we are so proud of you. Mac and Gwen

Rich Patton said: 12/29/2009 3:43:14 PM (GMT) Read the excerpt... Can't wait to get my copy. Someday we can get together so you can sign my copy eh?

Carri Jean DeSmidt said: 12/29/2009 3:42:20 PM (GMT) Hi Laurie's mom! This is crazy Carri from Annie's graduation. Wow I am going to read your book. You 2 strong women give me hope and inspiration that life is like a bowl of cherries ya just don't know what your gonna git. LOL Good 4 U so far I have just read your excerpt so far so good. I hope Laurie calls me next time your in MN or maybe I can go on a trip with Laurie and visit you sometime. Until then God Bless and congratulations on your book! My sister and I are writing a book and we may need some tips. Carri

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