A Bowl of Cherries
a memoir by Lois S. Patton

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     Lois Patton
, having retired from a professional career in         marketing, sales management and business consulting, resides in Ft. Pierce, Florida during the winter months. She has authored newspaper columns, professional sales and management training manuals, and three editions of “Musings,” a collection of humorous essays. 
    After penning short stories, she turned her writing attention
to this memoir of her childhood. Lois participates in writers’ groups both in
and Wisconsin, which is her summer home. Many authors have
benefited from her concise and perceptive critique and editing suggestions. She is currently working on a compilation of short stories, memoir essays, and is published on the online literary journal http://pureslush.webs.com/. Visit her on Facebook and on her blog at www.lorapat.blogspot.com.

                                              Author’s Note

       I embarked on this memoir journey to discover how my childhood influenced the person I’ve become. Now in my seventies, I’ve drawn immeasurable pleasure from recalling scenes, events, and people from the long-ago past.
       I fervently wish I had garnered more detail about my parents and grandparents while they were living, because, clearly, I am who I am because of them. As I visited my memories, the impact of my family’s values and principles became clear to me. To tell my story, I must tell what I know about theirs.
A tune popular when I was a child served as a refrain when my father teased me about my good life. “Your life is just a bowl of cherries,” he’d say, his dark eyes radiating love. At the time, his message meant little to me. As I relive my childhood on these pages and reflect on the years since, I couldn’t agree with him more. Such a large bowl, so many cherries.
      This book is in memory of my family.

“...the older you get, the more the relation of past and present grows on you, because you have  more history to look at…” (Walter Stegner, discussing his novel Crossing to Safety)

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