A Bowl of Cherries
a memoir by Lois S. Patton

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A Bowl of

Memoir of a childhood in mid-twentieth-century America


This lively memoir brims with  exquisite detail as it traces the story of an only child growing up in a hard-working, close-knit family.


Recollections of warm bread pudding, waiting for Santa, wartime saving stamps, paper dolls, the insecurity of adolescence, the joy of a first kiss ... will evoke long forgotten memories of your own.

Be transported to another era as you follow the author's journey from her birth in Chicago until her wedding day in St. Petersburg, Florida, twenty-one years later.

Witty dialogue and an even flowing descriptive narrative capture the spirit and emotions of the time—a time so different, yet so much the same. The author's insightful comments and easy humor engage the reader in what is, above all, a love story.

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